Tweeter was goin’ to town the other day and low and behold, he had hisself a flat tire. He pulled off on the side of the gravel road and he proceeded to put a bunch of Dandelions front of his truck and another bunch of Dandelions behind his truck.  Then he got back in to wait.

Twernt long before Dookie come driving by and he was so plumb curious that he turned around and went back.  He stopped and asked Tweeter what the problem was.

Tweeter tole him, “I done gone an had a dadgum flat tire, Dookie.”

Dookie said, “I can see that there, Tweeter, but what’s with all them thar Dandelions?”

Tweeter looked at him sorta strange and responded, “Don’t you be knowin nothin Dookie? When you break down you is supposed to put flares in the front and flares in the back.  I never did understand it neither but that thar is just what I done.”

Dookie said, “Ahhh heck Tweeter, I done went an forgot all about that!”

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