You know, folks is forever and always askin ole Thad about how to be makin some money online. Well, it’s only natural they would be askin me beens I AM a big time gooroo.

It brings to mind a story bout ole Larfin Lumpwomper an his two boys Leopold and Lucius. They was drivin over Hickeydoin Bridge when, for some reason, Larfin lost control of that dadburn truck. No folks be knowin WHY he lost control but his truck shore went flyin off that bridge an into the water.

Now when his truck went under water, the driver’s side door flew open an all the glass was busted outta the driver’s side winder but Larfin didn’t panic. He shut the door, rolled down that there winder, climbed out and swam to safety!

Unfortunately, his two boys didn’t make it. I am shore sorry to be sayin that they was both drowned. They was ridin in the back of the truck when it went under water an they couldn’t get the tailgate down!

That there is the same way a lot of folks take to internet marketeerin. The door is open an there ain’t no glass in the winder but they STILL keep lookin for a way outta the truck.

Ole Larfin’s two boys didn’t make it cause they couldn’t be gettin the tailgate down. Maybe that there is the reason YOU ain’t been makin it. Maybe, just maybe, you been workin so hard to get that there tailgate down that you was forgettin that you could just swim to the shore. There was more than one way outta that truck, you know!

Now, I’m pert near shore a lot of you folks won’t be understandin what I’ve been a sayin an that’s okay. After all, I AM a high thinker what has a 5th grade edumacation and probably the biggest gooroo in Stumpwoody Holler. Well, actually, I usta be the biggest gooroo till that Mr. Myers moved into the holler! Still, I reckon I’m STILL the purtiest one around these here parts! No question bout that!

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