What is up with all the talkin bout Pigweed? Seems like that stuff is the talk of the town nowadays! People comin up to me are a askin’, “Thad (they say that causin that there is my name) what do yew thank bout that thar pigweed?” Wellsir, let me jest tell yew what Imma thankin!

Pigweed has gots to be the craziest thang I ever heered of. How in tarnation can one a them porkers even hold it to smoke it? I guess a lot a them city slickers ain’t figgered out that pigs ain’t got no hands. What wud yew be a namin a product like that anyhew? Porkie Tokies? I can durn shore guar-an-tee yew that when them little piggies get them munchies, they shore won’t be a snackin on any a them chips called pigs feet! Pigweed? Who woulda thunk it?

Now I gots to be admitin that Miz Penelope shore dew like them thar Cheech and Chong movies… “Up In Smoke” was one a her fav-o-rite shows! (For those what dont be a knowin, Miz Penelope is my favorite sow) I seem to remember that in that thar movie ole Cheech kept callin the stuff sh*t! Wellsir, there shore is plenty of that in the pig pen but don’t nobody smoke it!

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