Let me tell you bout ole Skeeter Doogan. He was feelin like he was gettin too attached to the moonshine he like to partake of so he quit drinkin. Well, ole Skeeter went about 30 minutes before he started havin withdrawer symptoms.

He had vowed not to take another drink an he did not want to look like a liar so he went drivin off in his pickup truck lookin for a hitchhiker (see, it was called a pickup truck cause that is what he did). Well, he finally found a feller with his thumb out a hikin down the road. Poor ole feller got in the pickup truck and Ole Skeeter pulled a gun on him.

Skeeter told the feller, “Open that there glove box an take out that there bottle of shine!” Well, that poor hitchhiker was plumb scart out of his socks so he opened up the glove box and took out the moonshine. Next Ole Skeeter told the feller, “Now take the top off that thang an take a drink!”

The feller opened up the mason jar and took a swaller of the shine. He started to spittin, spewin, gaspin, cryin, chokin, shakin and turned all red! Finally, after the feller calmed down a bit, Ole Skeeter gave the gun to the hitchhiker and tole him, “Alright! Now you take the gun and force ME to take a drink!”

Ole Skeeter was right proud of hisself cause he didn’t break his promise. It didn’t work out quite the way he wanted though cause the revenuers went and found them both layin on the side of the road, drunkern a plowhog! They was both booked into the County Jail for Felonious Assault With a Shiny Weapon!?

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