Fm: Thaddaeus T. Hogg
Time: Ain’t never learnt to tell it

Why don’t ya’ll come on in here and sit a spell with me? Oh, I’m appologizn, my name is Thaddaeus T. Hogg. That thar T stands for Thadpucker but all my frineds juss call me Bear.

Don’t yew go tellin me…I dun knowed why yew stopped by here today. Yew herd I was one a them world famous marketeers and yew wud be rite. See, I dun got rich teachin folks how to start up thar own inteernat bizness! Why, yew know whut, I knowed I cud teach you tew.

Yew say yew need some sorta proof? Well, don’t chew worry bout that…jes take a look at my brand spankin new mansion I jest bought…

The Hillbilly Marketer Mansion

Hooo weeee! Don’t that thar pitcher sat yer mouth jest waterin thankin bout how yew cud own one a them thar mansions? Wellsir, yew shur can! I kin be a teachin yew everythin yew need ta know bout that thar inteernat marketeering.

Yew know, it plum embarrasses me ta go ta bragin but, jest last weak, I dun made me 48 cents by usin that thar Gugle Addsince. But that ain’t all…

Last weak, I also dun made me jus over a dollar with that thar affiliac programs. But that ain’t all…

Jest let me shew yew my recipts frum my leger fore I buried my muney…

Mundey…23 sents

Toosdey…78 sents

Windsey…32 sents

Thersdey…didn’t make no muney but it wus wurth it (me an the missus got a little frisky out hind the barn)

Frydey…64 sents

Saterdey…scrubbin dey

Sundey…the Lards dey

Now, if that thar kind a muney don’t put a itch in yer crotch, I’m guessin ain’t nuthin will!

If yew wanna lurn more bout that thar intarnat marketeering, yew jus get hold a me. Yew kin kontac me by sendin me one a them thar emales to the adress below…

Thaddaeus T. Hogg – the hillbilly marketeer
Telaphon – whut? Yew thank were city slickers or sumpin
emale –

© 2011The Hillbilly Marketer All rights reserved! Don’t make me git big Bubba after yew!

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