Yessir, there shore are some fine folks here in the holler! Tink Boord-Dill is the librarian down at the Stumpwoody Public Library! She keeps the picture book in the library filed when it ain’t on loan and she is a downright nice lady!

Other day, Tink had her a leak in the sink outside the outhouse! Drip… drip… drip… drip… finally she got tired of that leak and she called Mason Dixon who is the local plumber in Stumpwoody. Here in Stumpwoody, the job of plumber is an elected position as voted on by everbody here in the holler! Course, Mason gets elected ever year cause he has the biggest buttcrack here in Stumpwoody!

Anyhow, Tink called Mason and told him, “Mason, you had best get on down here cause I gotta leak in my sink!” Well, Mason sorta scratched his head and told her, “Ms. Tink, you shore don’t have to call me bout that… just go head and do it!”

… and Ms. Tink did!

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