I was just sittin an thinkin bout how good life is here in the Holler! While in the midst of my cogitatin, Ms. Lisa Gergets come walkin by and stopped for a tic to chat with me. See, Ms. Gergets is Stumpwoody Hollers town floozy and she likes to gab alot! She sayed that she was just out floozyin bout town and thought she would bide a minute or two with ole Thad.

Anywho, I mentioned to her bout how I was thinkin life was so dadgum fine in the Holler and that little filly plum agreed with me. She even mentioned somethin I had never thought bout. She sayed, “Thad (she called me Thad cause that be my name), we abound in goodness here in the Holler. We ain’t never gonna go hungry cause we can always find our supper by the side of the road!”

It was then I noticed the totebag she was a carryin. That woman was out pickin out what she needed for supper!

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